JNTUK B.Tech 3-2 Sem (R20) Regular Question Papers July 2023, jntu kakinada 3-2 Sem R20 Regulation question papers 2023 download.

JNTU Kakinada III B.Tech II Sem R20 Regulation Regular Examination Question Papers July 2023 are updated. Students can download 3-2 sem all branches like Civil, cse, ece, eee, mechanical, AE etc. Remaining Branches Subjects will be update soon. Any subject link was not working, feel free to write comment below.

JNTUK 3-2 Sem (R20) Question Papers 2023


1. Answer any FIVE Questions ONE Question from Each unit

2. All Questions Carry Equal Marks


Design And Drawing of Steel Structures (R2032011)

Water Resource Engineering (R2032012)

Geotechnical Engineering-II (R2032013)

Professional Elective (PE- II)

Advanced Structural Analysis R203201A

Architecture and Town Planning R203201B

Road Safety Engineering R203201C

Traffic Engineering R203201D

Open Elective (OE II)

Elements of Civil Engineering R203201E

Environmental Engineering R203201F

Disaster Management R203201G

Water Resource Engineering R203201H

Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery R203201I

Green Technologies R203201J

Remote Sensing and GIS R203201K (Common to CE,MM)

Urban Planning R203101K


Machine Learning (R2032051) (Common to CSE,IT)

Compiler Design (R2032052)

Cryptography and Network Security (R2032053) (Common to CSE,IT)

Computational Thinking R203205N

Operating Systems R203205Q

Database Management Systems R203205R

Mining Massive Data Sets R203205O

Natural Language Processing R203205P

Professional Elective (PE)

Mobile Computing R203205A (Common to CSE,IT)

Big Data Analytics R203205B

Object Oriented Analysis and Design R203205C

Network Programming R203205D (Comm to CSE,CSE(AIML),CSE(AI),AIML,CSD)

Open Elective (OE II)

MEAN Stack Development R203205E (Common to CSE,CSE(AIML),CSE(AI),CSE(DS),CSE(AIDS),AIDS,,AIML,CSD)

Python Programming R203205F (Common to CSE,IT)

Web Technologies R203205G (Common to CSE,IT)

Soft Computing R203205H

Distributed Computing R203205I (Common to CSE,IT)

AI and ML for Robotics R203205J (Common to CSE,IT)

Computer Networks R203205K (Common to CSE,IT)

Big Data Analytics R203205L (Common to CSE,IT)

Computational Tools R203205M (Common to CSE,IT)

CSE (Sub)






Microprocessor and Microcontrollers (R2032041)

VLSI Design (R2032042)

Digital Signal Processing (R2032043)

Principles of Communication R203204U

IOT Architecture and It’s Protocals R203249C

Professional Elective (PE)

Microwave Engineering R203204A

Mobile & Cellular Communication R203204B

Embedded Systems R203204C

CMOS Analog IC Design R203204D

Open Elective (OE II)

Basics of Signals and Systems R203204E

Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation R203204F

Principles of Signal Processing R203204G

Industrial Electronics R203204H

Consumer Electronics R203204I

Fundamentals of Microprocessors and Microcontrollers R203204J

Transducers and Sensors R203204K

IOT and Applications R203204L

Soft Computing Techniques R203204M

IC Applications R203204N

Principles of Communications R203204O

Basic Electronics R203204P

Data Communications R203204Q

Digital Logic Design R203204R

Remote Sensing and GIS R203204S

Bio Medical Instrumentation R203204T


Microprocessors and Microcontrollers (R2032021)

Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation (R2032022)

Power System Analysis (R2032023)

HVDC Transmission R203202I

Professional Elective (PE)

Signal and Systems R203202A

Electric Drives R203202B

Advanced Control Systems R203202C

Switchgear and Protection R203202D

Big Data Analytics R203202E

Open Elective (OE II)

Battery Management Systems and Charging Stations R203202F

Fundamentals of utilization of Electrical Energy R203202G

Indian Electricity Act R203202H


Heat Transfer (R2032031)

Design of Machine Members-II (R2031032)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (R2032033)

Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics R203203K

Professional Elective (PE)

Automobile Engineering R203203A

Smart Manufacturing R203203B

Advanced Mechanics of Solids R203203C

Statistical Quality Control R203203D

Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics R203203E

Open Elective (OE II)

Industrial Robotics R203203G

Essentials of Mechanical Engineering R203203H

Advanced Materials R203203I

Introduction to Automobile Engineering R203203J