JNTUH Material;bussiness econimics and financial analysis

Business:structure of business firm,theory of firm,types of business entities,limited liability companies,sources of capital for a company,non-conventional sources of finance.
Economics:significance of economics,micro and macro economic cncepts,concepts and importance of national income,inflation,money supply in inflation,business cycle,features and phases of business cycle.nature and scope of business economist,multidisciplinary nature of business economics.
Demand and supply analysis:
Elasticity of demand:elasticity,types of elasticty,law of demand, measurement and significance of elesticity of demand,factors affecting elesticity of demand,elesticity of demand making.demand forecasting:characteristics of good demand forecasting,steps in demand forecasting methoda of demand forecasting.
supply analysis:determinants of supply,supply function and law of supply.
production analysis:factors of production,production,function,production function with one variable input.two variable input,returns to scale different types of production function.
cost analysis:types of costs,short run and long run cost function.
market structures:nature of competition,features of perfect competition,monopoly,oligopoly,and monopoliatic competition.
pricing:types of pricing,product life cycle based pricing break even analysis,and cost volume profit analysis.
financial accounting:
accounting concept and conventions,accounting equation,double-entry system of accounting,rules for mantaining books of account.journal posting to l;edger,preparationof trial balance,elements of financial statements and preparation of final account.
financial analysis through ratios:
concept of ratio analysis, liquidity ratios,profitability ratios,proprietsry ratios,solvency,leverage ratios(simple priblems).introduction to funds flow and cash flow analysis(simple problems).

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