JNTUH Material : cryptography and networks security


security concepts:introduction,the need for security approaches,principles of security types of security attacks,security services,security mechanisms,a model for network security.

cryptography concepts and techniques:introduction, plain text and cipher text, subtitution techniques, transposition techniques,encryption and decryption,symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography,steganography,key range and key size possible types of attacs.

symmetric key cipher;block ciphers principles ,DES, AES, blowfish, RC5, IDEA, block cipher operation, stream ciphers, RC4.

asymmetric key cipher;principles of public key cryptosystems, RAS algorithm, elgamal cryptography, diffie-hellman key exchange, knapsack algorithm.

cryptographic hash functions:message authentication, secure hash algorithm(SHA-512).

massage authentication codes:authentication requirments, HMAC, CMAC, digital signatures, elgamal digital signature scheme.

key management and distribution:synmmetric key distribution using symmetric and asymmetric encryption. distribution of public keys, kerberos, X ,509 authentication service, public-key infrastructure.

transeport-level security:web security considerations, secure socket layer and transport layer security, HTTPS, secure shell(SSH).

wireless network security:wireless security, mobile device security, IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN, IEEE, 802.11i wireless LAN security.

e-mail security:pretty good privacy, S/MIME.

IP security:ip security overview,ip security architecture, authentication header, encapsulating security payload, combining security associations, internet key exchange.

case studies on cryptography and security:secure multiparty calculation, virtual elections, single sign on secure inter-branch payment transaction, cross site scripting vulnerability.

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