JNTUH Material : control systems engineering


intruduction:concepts of control systems-open lop and closed loop control systems and their differences-defferent examples of control systems-classification of control systems, feed-back characteristics,effects of feedback mathematical models-differential equations,impulse response and transfer function-translational and rotational mechanical systems.

transfer function representation:transfer function of DC servo motor-AC servo motor-synchro transmitter and reciver.block diagram representation of systems considering electrical systems as examples-block diagram algebra-representation by signal flow graph-reduction is using mason’s gain formula.

time response analysis:standard test signals-time response of first order systems-characteristic equation of feedback control systems,transient  response of second order systems-time domain specifications-steady state response -steady state errors and error constants-effects of proportional derivative proportional integral systems.

stability analysis in S-domain:the concept of stability-routh’s stavility criterion-qualitative stability and conditional stability-limitations of routh’s stability.

root locus technique:the root locus concept-construction of root loci-effects of adding poles and zeros to G(s)H(s) on the root loci.

frequency response analysis:introduction,frequency domain specifications-bode diagrams-determination of frequency domain specifications and transfer function fro, the diagram-phase margin and gain margin-stability analysis from bode plots.polar plots-nyquist plots-stability analysis compensation techniques-lag,lead and ;ead-lag controllers design in frequency domain.PID controllers.

state space analysis of continuous systems;concepts of state.state variables and state model derivation of state models from block diagrams.diagonalization-solving the time invariant state equations-state transilation matrix and its properties-concepts of controllability.


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