JNTUH Material : construction management


management process-roles,management theories,social responsibilities-planning and strategic management,strategy implementation,decision making tools and techniques-organizational structure,human resource management-motivation performance-leadership.

classification of construction projects,construction stages,resource-functions of construction management and its applications,preliminary planning-collection of data-contract planning-scientific methods of management network techniques in construction management-bar chart,gant chart,CPM PERT-cost and time optimization.

resource planning-planning for manpower,materials,costs,equipment,labour,scheduling,forms of scheduling-resource allocation,budget and budgetary control methods.

contract-types of contract document specification,important conditions of contract-tender and tender document-deposits by the contract-arbitration,negotiation-m.book-muster roll-stores.

management information system-labour regulation:social security-welfare legislation-laws relation to wages,bounc and industrial disputes,labour administration-insurence and safety in construction;legal and financial aspects of accidents in construction,occupational and safety hazard assessment human factors in safety.

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