JNTUH Material : computer organization

basic computer organization-functions of CPU,i/o, units,memory introduction
instruction formats-one address, two addresses,zero addresses and three addresses and comparison addressing modes with nurmeric examples:program control-status bit conditions.conditional branch instructions.program interrupts;types of interrupts.
input-output organizations-I/O interface,I/O bus and interface modules
I/O vs memory bus isolated vs memory-mapped I/O asynchronous data transfer-strobe control handshaking;asynchronous serial transfer-asynchronous communication interface,modes of transfer-programmed I/O interrupt initiated I/O ,DMA,DMA controller DMA transfer,IOP-CPU-IOP communication,intel 8089 IOP.
memory organizations
memory hierarchy main memory RAM,ROM chips memory address map memory connection to CPU associate memory cache memory data cache instruction cache miss and hit ratio, access time associative,set associative,mapping,writing onto cache introduction to virtual memory.
8086 CPU pin diagram
special functions of general purpose registers, segment register,concept of pipslining,8086 flag register,addressing modes of 8086.
8086-instruction formats
assembly language programs involving branch and call instructions,sorting,evaluation of arithmetic expressions.

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