JNTUH Material : computer organization and operating system

basic structure of computers:computer types,functional UNIT,basic OPERATIONAL concepts,bus structures software,performance,multiprocessors and multi computers data representation fixed point representation,floating-point representation.
register transfer languages and micro operation:register transfer language register transfer bus and memory transfer arithmetic micro operation logic micro operation shift micro operations arithmetic logic shift unit instructure codes computer registers computer instructions-instruction cycle.
memory-reference instructions input-output and interrupt,STACK organization instruction formats,addressing modes DATA transfer and manipulation program control reduced instruction set computer.
micro programmed control:control memory address sequencing microprogram examples,design of control uint hard wired control microprogrammed control.
the memory system:basic concepts of semiconductor RAM memories read-only memories performence considerations virtual memories secondary storage introduction to RAID.
input-output organization:peripheral devices input-output interface asynchronous data transfer modes priority interrupt,direct memory access,input-output processor(IOP),serial communication introduction to peripheral components interconnect(PCI)bus,introduction to standard serial communication protocols like RS232,USB,IEEE 1394.
operating systems overview;overview of computer operating systems functions,protection and security distributed systems special purpose systems operating systems structures-operating system services and systems calls systems programs operating systems generation.
memory management;swapping contiguous memory allocation,paging structure of the page table segnmentation virtual memory, demand paging page-replacement algorithms,allocation of frames,thrashing case studies-UNITS .linux windows.
princeples of deadlock;system model deadlock characterization deadlock prevention,detection and avoidance recovery from deadlock.
file system interface:the concept of a file,access methods,directory structure file system mounting file sharing protection.
file system implementation;file system structure file system implementation directory implementation,allocation methods,free-space management.

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