JNTUH Material : computer networks

overview of the internet:protocol,layering senario TCP/IP protocol uite the OSI model internet history standards and administration,comparison of the OSI and TCP/IP reference model.
physical layer:guided transmission media wireless transmission media.
data link layer:design issues,CRC codes ,elementary data link layer protocol sliding window protocol.
multiple access protocols;ALOHA CSMA colision free protocols,ethernet-physical layer ethernet mac sub layer,data link layer switching and use of bridges learing bridges spanning tree bridges repeates hubs bridges switches routers and gateways.
network layer:network layerdesign issues store and forward packet switching connectionless and connection orented neworks-routing algorthm-optimality principle shortest path flooding distance vector routing count to infinity problem hierarchica routing congestion control algorithms admiddion control.
internetwrking:tunneling internetwork routing pakcke fragmntatio IPv,IPv6 protocol IP addresses CIDR,ICMP,ARP,RARP,DHCP.
transport layer:services provieded to the upper layer elements of transport protocol addressing connection establishment,connection release crash recovery.
the internet transport protocol UDP-RPC real time transport protocols the internet transport protocol introduction to TCP the TCP service model the TCP segment header the connection establishment the TCP connection release the TCP connection management modeling.the TCP sliding window.the TCP congestion control.the future of TCP.
application layer-introduction providing services,applications layer paradigms client server model standard client-server application-HTTP,FTP,electronic mail TELNET,DNS,SSH.

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