JNTUH Material : cloud computing

system modeling clusterling and virtualization:distributed system models and enabling technologies computer cluster for scalable parallel computing virtual machines and virtualization of clusters and data centers.
foundation:introduction to cloud computing migrating into a cloud enriching the integration as a service paradigm for the cloud era the enterprise cloud computing paradigm.
infrastructure as a servie(IAAS)and platform and software as a service(PAAS/SAAS):virtual machines provisioning and migration service on the management of virtual machines for cloud infrastructures.enhanching cloud computing environments using a cluster as a servies secure distributed data storage in cloud computing aneka comet cloud t-systems workflow engine for cloud understanding scientific applications for cloud environments.
monitoring management and applications;an architecture for federated cloud computing SLAmanagement in cloud computing performance prediction for HPC on cloud best practices in architecting cloud application in the AWS cloud building content delivery netwirks using clouds resource cloud mashups.
governance and case studies:organizational readiness and change management in the cloud age data security in the cloud legal issues in cloud computing achieving production readiness for cloud services.

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