JNTUH Material ;ceelular and mobile communication

introduction to cellular mobile radio systems:limitations of conventional mobile telephone systems.basic cellular mobile system,first,second third and fourth generation cellular wireless systems uniqueness of mobile radiation environment-fading-time dispersion parameters,coherence bandwidth doppler spread and coherence time.
Fundamentals of cellular radio system design:concept of frequency reuse co-channel interference co-channel interference reduction factor,desired C/I from a normal case on a omni directional antenna system,system capacity,trunking and grade of service,improving coverage and capacity in cellular systems-cell splitting,sectoring,microcell zone concept.
co-channel interference:measurement of real time co-channel interference,design of antenna system,antenna parameters and their effect,diversity techniques-space diversity,polarization diversity,frequency diversity,time diversity.
Non-co channale interference;adjacent channel interference near end far end interference cross talk,effects on coverage and interference by power decrease,antenna height decrease effects of cell site components.
cell coverage for signal and traffic:signal refiections in flat and hilly terrain effect of human made structures phase difference between direct and reflected paths constant standard deviation straight line path loss slope general formula for mobile propagation over water and flat open area near and long distance propagation path loss from a point to point prediction model in defferent conditions merits of lee model.
cell site and mobile antennas:space diversity antennas umbrella pattern antennas minimum separation of cell site antennas,mobile antennas.
frequency management and channel assignment:numbering and grouping setup access and paging channels chennel assignments to cell sites and mobile units,channels sharing and borrowing sectorization overload cells non-fixed channel assignment.
handoffs and dropped calls:handoff initaition types of handoff delaying handoff adavantages of handoff power difference handoff forced handoff mobile assisted and soft handoff intersystem handoff introduction to dropped call rates and their evaluation.

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