JNTUH Material: ad hoc and sensor networks

introduction to ad hoc wireless networks: characteristics of MANETs,applications of MANETs challanges.
routing in MANETs:topology-based versus position-based approaches,topology based routing protocols, position based routing.other routing protocols.
data transmission in MANETs;the broadst storm,multicasting,geocasting.
TCP over ad hoc networks:TCP protocol overview.TCP and MANETs,solution for TCP over ad hoc.
basics of wireless sensors and application:the mica mote. sensing and communication range design issues energy consumption.clustering of sensors,applications.
data retrieval in sensor network:classification of WSNs,MAC layer,routing layer high-level application layer support,adapting to the inherent dynamic natuer of WSNs.
secutiry:security in ad hoc wireless networks.key management,secure routing,cooperation in MANETs intrusion detection system.
sensor network platforms and tools:sensor network hardware,sensor network programming challenges,node-level software platforms.
operating system:tinyOS.
imperative language;nesC dataflow style language;tinyGALS.node-level simulators,ns-2 and its sensor network extension TOSSIM.

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