Postponement and Rescheduling of B.pharm - Examinations Dt.02-12-2017(FN & AN) and 05-12-2017(FN) - REG

It is here by informed that the B.PHARMACY courses Examinations to be held on  02-12-2017(FN & AN) and 05-12-2017(FN) are postponed and rescheduled as mentioned below.  

S.No   Course and Year  As per Published Calendar Scheduled Date of Exam   Re/Scheduled Date of Exam
1 B.PHARM III-II YEAR (R15,R13,R09,R07)    05/12/2017 (FN) 09/12/2017 (FN) 

  This is for your information and requested to inform the same to the students and make necessary arrangements for accommodating changes in the exam schedule.